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Top-Notch Pool Vacuum Cleaner


"My mom and husband had been going through hell keeping our pool clean. Our old pool vacuum just wasn’t doing the trick at getting the job of getting the dirt out, so sometimes our pool looked cloudy. This vacuum was easy to install (according to my husband), and it makes our pool look so beautiful and clean! He turns it on once or at most twice a week. Our pool still looks crystal clear, recommend this vacuum."


Kate Verified Customer


Top-Notch Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Our pool vacuum cleaner is made with strong suction power, it can quietly clean your home, hotel, or relaxation center’s swimming pool thoroughly. It sucks up all dirt and debris without great effort.

Made with 20pcs Flexible Hoses, you can customize the hose length according to the size of your pool. With a hose that is too long, it might easily get tangled while moving around and with one that is not long enough it may not be able to clean all spots of the pool.



This creepy-crawly pool cleaner can clean algae, small pool dirt, dust, and small leaves, giving you a sufficient clean. The flapper should be cleaned regularly to avoid debris stuck in the cleaner.

Crafted with a premium silicone cleaner which can be used for concrete, tile, vinyl, and fiberglass finish pool. Makes cleaning & getting rid of stains easier.

Reasons why our amazing pool vacuum cleaner is just perfect for you!

 Noise-free and easy to install. Its high-quality diaphragm enables quite an efficient cleaning, ideal for removing dirt, sand, debris, small leaves, and tree seeds in your pool.

 Efficient cleaning. With 20 hoses included for up to 32ft swimming pools such as those you find in hotels or relaxation centers; you can clean the bottom surface & wall of your pool.

 Cost-effective. You don’t need to hire someone to clean your home pool and you don’t need electricity to use itAlso saves cost for hotel & relaxation center owners.

 Adaptable. Whatever surface your pool is made of it can adapt to it. It keeps your pool clean, and it will cut down a lot on your time spent cleaning the pool.



Your swimming pool is a place to relax, get fit and have fun. And, if you take care of it, your pool will provide you or your customers with enjoyment for years to come. Keeping your pool clean keeps your outdoor living space functional.

It provides a safer environment. Not only does clear water look and feel better, treating your pool regularly is essential for your health or your customers’ health. Untreated or dirty water can lead to some serious health repercussions such as a swimmer’s itch, a skin irritation caused by parasites in untreated water, A clean pool saves you or your business money and increases the longevity of your pool.