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Top-Notch Pampas Grass



"These are so cute!! Amazing quality! I was afraid this item will also look unreal and stiff, but the quality is true, Genuine dried gurus, fluffy, and thick. They were nicely wrapped and none of mine were broken. I love the color, the softness, and that it did not have a chemical smell!"


Brittany Verified Customer


Top-Notch Pampas Grass

Are you in love with flowery sceneries and wondering how to incorporate them into your special day or meet the stunning way to decorate bohemian weddings? Then you are looking at the right product. 

Our grass's whimsical nature and malleable qualities make it a perfect fit for everything from romantic soirees with elegant details to stylish boho-chic affairs set in the desert. 



Our natural Pampas Grass is gradually becoming a very necessary aspect for weddings, holidays, and home décor for very good reasons. Reeds 45cm long and are packaged 30pcs/bundle.

Our dried Pampas Grass is perfect for decorating in any season. They create a cozy country atmosphere by placing this ripened grain in a vase alone or adding small details to it. 

They shed if handle roughly. Considering their natural feature, they must be handled carefully. We also use careful packaging to avoid this problem as much as possible.



Reasons why our Top-Notch Pampas Grass is just perfect for you!

✅ Fragrance- Flowers are tall, large, and fresh bunches, with various fragrances. Plants stems are eco-friendly leaving the environment with a tastefully finished design and a touch of a classic look.

✅ Packaging- Arrangements are carefully done so every bunch maintains good shape. Can be arranged in floral vases easily displayed at weddings or parties and in different areas such as kitchen, sitting rooms, bedroom, bathroom, office & outdoor. 



✅ Thickness- Naturally made to be full and fluffy giving it a soothing feeling. Perfect decoration for door wreaths, party table filler, weddings centerpiece, living room, a farmer house, Mantel, dining room. 

✅ Quality- Feathers of these plants do not wither or shed making them suitable for modern decoration. Variation in color and fragrance makes it unique

✅ Maintenance- Reeds can be exposed to sunlight or blown with a hairdryer to maintain the full and fluffy nature of the feather. It should be placed in a ventilated environment and handled gently.



Pampas grass was originally introduced to California by sailors of clipper ships during the gold rush and the plumes were used for decorations, sometimes dyed in vibrant colors, and could be seen in parades, fairs, circuses, the hats of Victorian-era ladies, and many fanciful events. Often used to indicate when the residents of a home are open to a little polyamorous action.

They do not require floral foam, making them environmentally and user-friendly lasting forever without the need to replace them as you would fresh flowers. We use our pampas grass bouquet in the hopes that someone else will see this Seuss-ian still life, and ask us where we got it, let us know they like it, and that maybe they like us too.

 Get yours now and enjoy the view too!