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Top-Notch Air Compressor Tire Inflator

"This tire inflator is a great companion for my car, which could help save lots of time to find air when necessary. It comes with a cigarette lighter plug that simply makes tire inflation a hassle-free experience when I drive. I just input the PSI number that I need and this lightweight inflator will get all 4 wheels done quick and right. It also supports 120V home DC so I also use it at home to inflate my son's football and basketball". 

Kelvin Verified Customer



This is a superfast AC/DC tire inflator with two solid copper motors, to provide fast air inflation regardless of whether it is connected to your car's cigarette lighter or a socket in your home. It Inflates P185/R14 from 0-28 PSI in approximately 2 minutes or less.

It has a digital pressure gauge equipped with a large high-precision and bright display that will help you to calculate the required pressure values. It has 4 display units available: PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM².



 The Ultimate Air Compressor Tire Inflator comes with a 10ft power cord and inflatables adaptors (3 additional nozzles), which makes it perfect for cars, trucks, ATVs, CRVs, Jeeps, SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable boats, sports balls, air mattress, water toys, and other inflatables.

The Ultimate Air Compressor Tire Inflator has a built-in bright and long-lasting LED flashlight, which allows for easy operation and usage for making quick repairs in the dark and to make sure you can see and be seen to avoid any potential dangers during the operation



Reasons Why the Ultimate Air Compressor Tire Inflator is perfect for you!

✅ Easy To Read Pressure Gauge: you do not need to keep guessing or converting from one pressure unit to another because it provides you with 4 different units to make it easier for you to read and understand

✅ Superfast Inflation: you no longer have to wait endlessly to inflate your tires as the ultimate air compressor tire inflator can inflate your tires in 2 minutes or less.

✅ Portability: you do not need a fixed location to use it, as it can be easily carried about because of its lightweight (1.7lb or 0.8kg) and small size.

✅ Automatic Shut Off: its ability to automatically shut off once the desired air pressure is reached can now afford you time to enjoy engaging in other activities while you pump your car tires, inflatable beds, balls, etc.

✅ Bright LED Flashlight: the dark is no longer a problem when dealing with emergencies as the Ultimate Air Compressor Tire Inflator comes with a very bright flashlight. So you can see your surroundings very clearly at night in case of any emergencies.



Flat tires are sometimes inevitable with a study showing an estimated 65% of flat tires occurring daily. No doubt it can be a scary experience when it happens on the road at an unexpected time or place. It’s a dirty job changing your tires and chances are you’re not properly dressed for it. Worse yet, your car may have no spare tire.

Our Portable Tire Inflator is the best choice to keep you going regardless of when or where you experience a flat tire, and comes in handy when you need air quickly and can’t always use the air pump at the gas station. 

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