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Premium Multi Adapter Hub



"Nice little USB hub, built sturdy all the way around with a metallic casing. Very modern and clean looking with tiny printed writing and a little white glowing LED that stays lit when plugged in along with a sturdy short black braided cord. Been using the hub on a MacBook Pro to run a Mac monitor, corded mouse, wireless keyboard, and a musical surface controller with no problems. This one is a great buy."

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Premium Multi-Adapter Hub

This is an amazing tool for turning your mobile phone into a computer in just seconds with its wonderful features. It enables you to connect your mobile devices with large screen TV easily. 

It supports HD HDMI 4K video output. Allows small screen to convert to the big screen, big-screen games, conference, home theater in seconds.

It comes with in-built chip decryption. And remains stable and smooth even with multi-functions in use simultaneously. It comes with a large LED display light on the case. The soft light with no disturbance always lets you know the working condition.
This premium multi-adapter hub is made of high-quality Al Alloy that doesn’t get hot while it’s in use. The quick heat dissipation stables the performance of the hub.


Here’s why this Multi Adapter Hub is just perfect for you!

It has a 6-in-1 intelligent extension dock. This makes your notebook computer has a diversified port. This enables screen synchronization, charging, and USB extension all at the same time.

It supports 100/1000M Gigabyte Ethernet. It enables connection with a wired network, game playing, and office working making downloading smooth and uninterrupted

It can be easily connected to a variety of devices. It can be externally connected to a USB disk, mobile HD, mouse, keyboard, small fan, and other USB simultaneously

It is very compatible with more devices. Applicable to Apple Mac Book and other devices with a Type C interface

It is small and portable making it easy to carry around. Easy fit in your briefcase or pocket, with no additional burden


Always looking for cables that you could use for different purposes and having large piles of cables scattered around at different rooms or places can be mind disturbing. With the help of this device, you don’t need to bother about all that.

As the power consumption of the hard disk is high, please connect the charger for the power supply when the contents of the hard disk cannot be read normally.

The HUB might get warmer when using, please don't worry, this is normal and doesn't affect work.