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Innovative Portable Sleeping Crib

"So far so good! I haven't gotten to use it yet, I bought it for my travel to go visit family out of state. But I did put my son in it to make sure he had enough room and it was perfect for short time use! He has enough room to at least rollover. Which is what I was worried about. He's 17 lbs and 26 inches and it's exactly what we needed!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Juliet Verified customer

Innovative Portable Sleeping Crib 

This is made from certified non-toxic, lead-free materials that are safe for babies generally. Equipped with awnings & to give your baby a more comfortable environment to rest.

It provides a virus-free environment while keeping ventilation so that your baby will be protected from strong sunlight and insects or mosquitoes that can fly in, as the mosquito net can effectively protect your baby. 



It can be folded up and is very compact, can be easily transformed from a comfortable sleeping space and into a portable backpack to carry along. It is completely convenient for all occasions.

This portable crib can open and fold in a few seconds, and the two-way zipper can quickly and easily put the baby into the tent. It is completely waterproof, making it very easy to clean or wash in a machine.



Reasons why our Portable Sleeping Crib is just perfect for every parent!

 Portability. If the baby’s room isn’t large enough to comfortably fit a standard crib or if you are sharing a room, it will fit in the space while still providing a safe place for the baby to sleep.

✅ Useful if you have twins. If you can’t fit two cribs into the room, two portable cribs will give the babies some space to sleep without taking over the whole room.

✅ For parents who work at home. This portable crib is an ideal solution to that problem. Just roll this crib into the room and the baby can safely nap while you get some work done.



✅ Flexibility. This portable crib offers enough flexibility that it can serve as both a sleeping bed and a play area for the baby.

 Ideal for vacations. Not only can you be sure that your baby will have a safe place to sleep on vacations, but the mini crib is more likely to feel familiar and thus won’t disrupt your baby’s sleep too much

 A more sanitary sleeping environment. You can be rest assured that your crib is clean and safe, giving everyone a more restful night.



Research has shown that 90% of the reasons why babies get restless at night especially when traveling with their parents is because they are not so familiar with the new environment they find themselves in.

With this incredibly portable crib, this is a thing of the past as your baby would be very familiar with their resting environment and sleep better.

What's more? It’s incredibly portable and stress-free!