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Innovative Dual Wireless Charger


With wireless charging, you don't have to plug in the cable to charge it. The phone can be charged directly onto a wireless charger. Convenient and simple. No problem in charging, sensitive reaction, no hot phenomenon, very good, love the product! I will continue to buy back the charger, which is very small and good-looking. Wireless connected mobile phone charging is smart, sensitive, and quick. It is the same as What I expected, beautiful and durable, convenient and practical in life.


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Innovative Dual Wireless Charger

Our wireless dual charger is a unified charging standard with the ability to conveniently charge multiple devices at once. a must-get device for every time saving, fun, and ease lover.

Charge 2 devices at once with dual pads charging surfaces that support fast charging speed for both your Phones and AirPods. You no longer have to bother yourself in search of compatible chargers.

This advanced wireless charging technology enables you to charge your device without plugging in a cable. All you need to do is just place your phone on the non-slip charging surface with a free position.


The Dual Wireless Charging Pads free up counter or desk space and are compatible with both iOS and Android, making them perfect for coworkers or families that use different devices. 

If you put the charger near a bed, at the workplace, in the kitchen, or in the car, and place the phone on the platform when not in use, the phone will always be charged.

What’s more? It provides better temperature control, surge protection, short-circuits prevention, overheating, overvoltage prevention, and many more.



Here's why our Innovative Dual Wireless Charger is just perfect for you!

 No heat generation. It removes the problem of increased heat generation, which affects the efficiency of the charging process. 

 Protection from Overcharging. When your smartphone is fully charged, the wireless charger automatically shuts off. This means less energy, a safer charge, and an increased performance and life span of your devices.




 Safer connections. Since the charging is all occurring inside an enclosed environment and without cords, there’s no corrosion because there is no exposure to water or oxygen. This also means that there is less risk of electrical faults.

 More durable. Without having to regularly plug or unplug, there’s also no wear and tear on the smartphone sockets. If you alternate between charging wirelessly and with cables, this also means less wear and tear on your cables.

 Simplification of life. It provides a seamless and fast charging experience without wear and tear caused by plugging in and out of charger cables.



A study carried out shows that Overcharging is one of the major causes of anxiety among 80% of phone users. The fear was that keeping a phone constantly plugged in could charge a battery beyond its capacity, making the battery unstable, which could degrade overall battery life or build up too much internal heat and cause the battery to burst or catch fire.

 But fear no more because the all-new Dual wireless charger is an upgraded way of charging your phone more protectively and effectively. Save the energy and cost incurred by excessive charging today!