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Incredible Video Baby Monitor



"I love this system! The camera is awesome and the picture quality is so good! Night vision is nice and clear and the microphone could pick up a pin dropping which I like because I can hear every coo and cry my daughter makes. Also, you can play music directly from the screen and it plays out of the camera for the baby. It's so cool."


Cynthia Verified Customer


Incredible Video Baby Monitor

Our Video Baby Monitor is the ultimate system that you need to remotely monitor and watch your baby. Unlike the regular audio monitor, you get to see and know what exactly your baby is doing as it covers a transmission range of up to 160ft/50m indoor, and 850ft/250m outdoor.

The automatic Night Vision camera allows you to care for your babies in dark, keeping an eye on babies all night without having to startle them in their sleep by switching on the light.




With a built-in 8 lullabies, you can comfort your baby to fall asleep or use its two-way talk-back intercom function to comfort your babies from a distance whenever you want without having to run back to them.

Our monitor has a battery inside that runs up to 24 hours. It works on a battery or power charger. The camera, however, does not include a battery as it works only on a power charger.

Equipped with a temperature Monitor as well. With its temperature sensor, you can supervise your baby's room temperature all day so you can effectively care for your baby's health.




Reasons why our Incredible Video Baby Monitor is just perfect for you!

✅ See what your baby is doing. You can do multiple checks on your baby without having to move, excellent help to a mom who just got their new baby. By opening the camera, you can determine if your baby needs your attention.

✅ Monitor a child with health issues. For children with health issues using our video monitor to watch your child through the camera will help you detect dangerous positions and situations. You will know how quickly you need to respond.



✅ Monitor a shared bedroom. Excellent help for families with an older child sharing their bedroom with a baby or younger children. It gives you the ability to check if the type of game been played is safe for the younger child.

✅ Record precious moments. It allows you to save precious moments. These videos can be shared with friends or grandparents which allows you to keep wonderful memories of your baby.

 Multiple Languages Support. The monitor come in multiple languages ranging from English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / German / Turkey / Russian. So you get to choose whichever language best soothes your baby’s needs. 



Over the years there’s been an increase in the number of working mothers in many countries including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and Canada. The result of a study conducted on owners of video baby monitors shows that these numbers are projected to increase by 50%.

The need for Video Baby monitors continues to grow, and the reason is obvious. It simply reduces the stress of the parents when they are at the workplace, away from home, or simply taking that much-needed rest.

Get yours now, and see for yourself what many others are enjoying!