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Top-Notch Automatic Pet Food Dispenser



"My family LOVES this pet feeder! We have 2 kitties & this awesome device makes feeding them twice a day so easy. This device is super easy to set up and works great to schedule feedings for my kitties. It’s great to be able to leave for a weekend or longer and not worry at all about how I’ll feed them. I don’t need to find someone to come by and make sure they’re being taken care of now. THIS AWESOME DEVICE TAKES CARE OF THEIR FEEDINGS PERFECTLY"


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Top-Notch Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

This is a workable solution for everyone struggling with keeping their pets on the right feeding schedule. 

The Smart Feed feature connects to the WiFi in your house, so you can control and adjust When it’s time to dispense a meal via an app on your smartphone.

It features an infrared sensor that prevents themachine from jamming or overflowing and also stops the device from dispensing when food is still left in the bowl.



A larger 10-liter capacity (about 40 Cups) feeder means it holds more food at a time, so you won’t have to refill it now and then and it should be able to hold and dispense a suitable amount of food if you have multiple pets.

Every component that comes in contact with your pet's food is easily removed and all but the motor are dishwasher safe. They're constructed of hypoallergenic stainless steel, so they won't absorb contaminants or expose your pet to the growing problem of plastic contact allergies.


Here's why our Automatic Pet Food Dispenser would change your life!

✅ It helps in weight management- Easily set the time of food and the amount of food to be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed the pets more healthily to prevent the pets from being full or hungry.

✅ It Saves Time: No more measuring out your pet’s food for every single meal. The feeder does it for you!If you have a long list of tasks and errands, worrying about your pets will be one less from the long list. 



✅ Fresh Food for Each Meal: Rapid exposure of your pet's food to air and humidity degrades the quality of the food and exposes it to bacterial contamination. This Feeder allows you to release smaller amounts of food at a time rather than leaving an open bowl out while you are away.

Powered by Adapter: The automatic feeder is powered by a power adapter and 3 D-size batteries.In the event of a power outage, the feeder's battery backup system will not only retain your programming but will continue to operate normally for days, dispensing your pet's meals on schedule. 

✅ Sensor: Inside the storage, the hopper is a food level sensor. When food is drawn down to within several days of empty, the unit will emit an audible series of beeps every 15 minutes to alert you of the need to refill.


Considering the busy lives we all lead, we can honestly relate to obstacles that come between us and our pets during meal times such as getting home late, being away on vacations, waking up early to feed the meowing cat, just to mention a few.

About 70% of dogs and cats are overweight, which can lead to serious health risks including heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. 

These Automatic feeders help provide proper weight management by giving your pet the portioned feedings they need. Experience all that this Auto Pet feeder has to offer you and your pet. Order yours today!